365 Days of BJW Post

So this is my new challenge, suggested to me by friend and photographer, Gidget Clayton.

Each week or month I come up with a theme, then ever day I post something, anything about it. I toyed with changing my blog name to 365 Days of BJW Post, so I could have a wide range of topics, but hey whatever, I’m blogging and that’s what I want to do.

My frist theme is going to be 365 Days of BJW Post.

So we’ll see what I come up with… kinda exciting and very liberating. Whew! I did it.

2 thoughts on “365 Days of BJW Post

    1. Thanks. I got the 365 days idea from photographer fellow flight attendant, Gidget Clayton, who learned this type of “cataloguing” in a photography class. Her advice was to just stick with it and I will probably see a pattern of what interests me the most or a “blog of it’s own” will develop. I think it’ll be fun and keeps me writing every day.


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