Keeping It Simple & In The Same Color Scheme

One place it seems that I have finally gotten down to a science, and hence more organized is in my clothing choices for my trips.

I have a “uniform” of sorts, and most things are in the same color hughes. This really helps when trying to squeeze four outfits into one small suitcase, especially since I need to have my workout clothes, pajamas, lounging clothes and something to go out in. Seems like a lot of clothes for just 36 hours doesn’t it? I think so so too and I keep trying to pair it down more.

But it seems so hard, or is that the “umbilical” cord of fear of not having what I need/want?

I like to do things on my layovers, I like to run/hike or take the most amazing heart thumping, butt shaking Zumba class on the planet (that’s Wendy’s class in Honolulu at 24 Hour Fitness on Thursdays at 5:30 – for the adventurous!). Then I need a suit to swim and layout in.

Yes I know tanning is bad for you – don’t care – I do it anyway.

And well, I like to be super comfy in my hotel room when I’m lounging or reading or what have you. So I need sweats or tights, those seem to be the most comfortable to me.

Finally the ocean air is always chilly and I need a long sleeve t-shirt or jacket and cute clothes to go to dinner, drinks or walking the town in. I LOVE clothes – can’t eco me out of that one! I love them, always have, always will. And I’ve worked really, really, really hard to get this body and I like to dress in fun and flattering stuff.

So all that being said – I think I am pretty organized for travel. I don’t even unpack my toiletries bag, I just replace what is empty.

I still want to try just packing a suit, shorts and pajamas some day, I think it would be daring and exciting.

Hmmmm…. maybe my next Honolulu, you know cause I can always cross the street and pick up what I need at Forever 21, just in case 😉


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