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July 2010

we all have them. Sometimes they are in our head, sometimes on scraps of paper or as the techi-est of us all they may be in our SmartPhone. I’m guessing they are in all of the above.

I have on my check list that I am supposed to post a list on my blog for the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog that I signed up for. Sadly, my list kept getting edited. I didn’t know what to post as a list. Which is remarkable to me since I keep lists EVERYWHERE, just ask my poor husband!

But when I sat down to write said list – I came up blank. You know why? I’ll tell you: Because of the inner journalist/reporter critic.

See, when I was a reporter I had to work to keep my opinions out of the story. I was just to report, nothing else. So in my head I think, “who cares what I think?” Blogging isn’t that way though. I read many blogs and I love what their writers think, which is why I read them!

So, without much further ado and analyzing, here is my list – it’s of the things that make me smile (in no particular order):

1) The little red-headed bird that felt comfortable enough to just come on into my hotel room while I’m writing this. He hopped around on the floor chirping away.

2) When someone comments on on of my blog posts.

3) When I make my husband laugh out loud. He has a sharp wit and tends to be the funnier one of us, but now and again I say or do something that just busts him up. I love that!

4) My son, Henry, saying, “Let’s all be together” and then wrapping his arms around me and my husband and pulling us close to him.

5) Surfing a wave all the way to shore, especially when it’s the last one of the day.

6) Older couples walking hand-in-hand.

7) The Meanest Mom blog. She has me more than smiling, she has me busting a gut half the time.

8) Having nothing to do but watch the grass grow or the wind move the clouds in the sky.

9) A nap in the afternoon.

10) When my son tells me “You’re in my heart mommy.” That gives me the biggest smile of all.

Do you have a list of what makes you smile? If so, let me know so we can all share a smile – it’s good for the soul.

Love the Life you Live,


"Let's be all together"

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It’s Thursday, July 22 and as I sit on my balcony in Maui, Hawaii  watching the sun rise I wonder: What is my dream?

This came about because yesterday I had a gentleman on my flight that his seat mate said, “was living the dream.” The gentleman he was referring to was a soft-spoken, extremely well-mannered southerner that grew up in South Carolina but now lives on the island of Maui.

His soft, honey-dripped accent drew you in as much as his sparkling aqua eyes. His baby white hair and sun kissed skin gave him a boyishness that made me think of my own blue-eyed, blond little boy back home.

“South Carolina,” as I thought of him, knees bounced constantly as he picked at the hem of his madras shorts. South Carolina also talked “a lot” his seat mate said.

I think he was a nervous flyer.

This soft-spoken, tan, possible nervous flyer was also a surfer.

“He surfs all day and is a pharmacist at night,” his sate mate told me, “he’s living the dream.”

After more probing and conversation I found out that the seat mate also lives on Maui. He’s a promoter, DJ and radio manager for one of the stations on the island. I think it’s 91.7, but I cannot remember. Never-the-less, I told them they both were living the dream. That most of us want to just be able to live on one of the islands. They laughed and agreed. But, “Radio Man” as I have gone to calling him, and I both think South Carolina really is living the dream.

Which is why I’m sitting here this morning sipping my Kona coffee watching the sun rise over the ocean wondering: What is my dream really?

Am I living it and missing it because I’m too busy fighting my current state? Always questioning, “what should I be doing and why aren’t I doing it?”

Or, am I to busy searching for it, the “perfect” routine, that will allow me to make my life fall together and live my dream that I don’t even knowwhat my dream is?

I don’t know.

What I do know is this: I LOVE the life I’m living. I have a wonderful, generous husband (who is doing what he loves), a happy, healthy little boy, and the opportunity to sit here on this beautiful island sipping coffee waiting to surf.

But is it my dream? Am I living the dream and does it even matter?

I sip more coffee, lukewarm now, the sun is almost fully awake. My daily meditation book, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo sits on the table beside me and quietly calls my name.

The cup is empty when I set it down to pick up my book. I start my morning read and think after this, a little yoga and some Hang Ten time. Maybe there I might begin to find the stirrings of my dream.

What’s your dream? Are you living the dream? Or do you ever wonder if you too are missing it or if it even matters?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights, so please share.

Live the life you love,


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I have recently been contemplating my digital life. I have felt too overburdened by all of the “connections”as of late. It started with my iPhone and the trouble the old thing (it’s a second generation) has been giving me lately. I got excited thinking that AT&T would give me a free iPhone4 and man I could see all the great things it would do at lightening speed.

I got even more excited when I thought about handing down my old phone to my 3-year-old to play games, videos and music on.

Then reality set in. No, no free iPhone4, but I could get it at a reduced rate. Well, my phone isn’t in that bad of shape so I let it go.

But it did start me thinking: Why do I need all these features on my phone? Which led to me question all of my dialed in devices and time I spent plugged in.

Then as luck, or the stars, or Universe or whatever you want to think, would have it, I came across Janet Lansbury’s post “Do Wired Parents Need Time Out…Or Less Guilt?”

This resonated with me. I had been struggling to do all the wired in, dialed in, plugged in things and finding time to spend playing with my son.

Too many times I would get frustrated with him because he was interrupting me while I texted, phoned or surfed the Internet. Then I realized maybe I don’t need to be that plugged in so often. I am not a CEO with a Fortune 500 company, I’m not an emergency room physician, I’m not even employed by any major media company that demands I watch my smartphone or email 24/7.

I decided I needed less guilt and less “stuff” to be plugged into.

Then, of course, I was checking Twitter and found another great link to another article from Lansbury again (she’s good!) on NPR. The article is a review of William Powers’ new book Hamlet’s BlackBerry’: To Surf Or Not To Surf? The book is about finding peace and balance in life in the digital age.

I realize the irony between my state of getting unplugged and finding these great ideas on being unplugged from the Internet. But I also realize there is a lot of information out there that I don’t need.

What I plan to do is to be less connected and when I am set time limits. This way I will be a better “surfer” and get the important information that I need quickly so I can do the thing I love more: spend time with my family – guilt free.

How do you feel about being plugged in and parenting?

I would love to hear how you balance home life with working from home.

Love the Life you Live,

~ BjW

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Well the overnight flight from Honolulu, HI was shorter today than our trip out but eegads it was hard to stay away this time. I didn’t get much sleep before we checked in downstairs at 8:35 p.m. I had only 2 1/2 hours sleep for my nap. Oh well, I had lots to read while the passengers clocked in their REMs. My favorite read last night was “The Girl’s Guide to Saudi Arabia,” by Maureen Dowd in July’s issue of Vanity Fair.

Her deadpan delivery of things such as when young Saudi girls come of age, they won’t get the same kind of thought provoking book On Becoming a Woman like Ms. Dowd received from her mother, no, these Suadi tweeners will “…have a black tarp thrown over their heads.

The imagery creates for me a Bugs Bunny kind of picture, part disbelief part chortle. Yet, her years as a skilled journalist allow the reader to really know the depth of the problems and see the “real” Saudi through Ms. Dowd’s encounter.

She even  entertained herself  by trying to see how long it would take for a male Ceberuses to dash in front of her to block her movement to the front area – the men only area.

I am now more intrigued by the lifestyle of the women of Saudi and thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Dowd’s tone and take.  I look forward to many more interesting reads that also give me a good chuckle. I was able to stay awake on my midnight ride home over the Pacific thanks to Ms. Dowd and her “wit-full” writing.

I can only hope to write half as well as her someday.


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