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March 2011

One place it seems that I have finally gotten down to a science, and hence more organized is in my clothing choices for my trips.

I have a “uniform” of sorts, and most things are in the same color hughes. This really helps when trying to squeeze four outfits into one small suitcase, especially since I need to have my workout clothes, pajamas, lounging clothes and something to go out in. Seems like a lot of clothes for just 36 hours doesn’t it? I think so so too and I keep trying to pair it down more.

But it seems so hard, or is that the “umbilical” cord of fear of not having what I need/want?

I like to do things on my layovers, I like to run/hike or take the most amazing heart thumping, butt shaking Zumba class on the planet (that’s Wendy’s class in Honolulu at 24 Hour Fitness on Thursdays at 5:30 – for the adventurous!). Then I need a suit to swim and layout in.

Yes I know tanning is bad for you – don’t care – I do it anyway.

And well, I like to be super comfy in my hotel room when I’m lounging or reading or what have you. So I need sweats or tights, those seem to be the most comfortable to me.

Finally the ocean air is always chilly and I need a long sleeve t-shirt or jacket and cute clothes to go to dinner, drinks or walking the town in. I LOVE clothes – can’t eco me out of that one! I love them, always have, always will. And I’ve worked really, really, really hard to get this body and I like to dress in fun and flattering stuff.

So all that being said – I think I am pretty organized for travel. I don’t even unpack my toiletries bag, I just replace what is empty.

I still want to try just packing a suit, shorts and pajamas some day, I think it would be daring and exciting.

Hmmmm…. maybe my next Honolulu, you know¬†cause I can always cross the street and pick up what I need at Forever 21, just in case ūüėČ


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Well I didn’t expect to be thinking about organizing my CDs and music just yet. In fact I’d even forgotten I owned music CDs, sorta.

Until tonight.

As I was preparing for the two fitness classes I have to teach tomorrow, I went in search of my old aerobics CDs.

Well this is what I found & happily techno/club music doesn’t really change much….

Holy crap!!! This is my first time posting to my blog via my iPhone, guess I should’ve done a dry run huh?!?

Think I’ll just leave it – typos & all.

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Too Tired

by Barbi J Walsh

To post. But keeping with the 365 days of posting, I am here. I came, I typed, and I logged off.

But before I go, I want to mention that my theme for the month is: uncluttering.

I tossed out three (maybe four) bags per my “instructor.” I took photos and will post tomorrow.

But for now I am thinking BIG in terms of uncluttering my life – every day the subject is forefront so this is good.

And, as they say on Top Gear, with that bombshell, goodnight.


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Stuff, clutter, too many things… this is what I’m talking about. I’ve been a bit plagued by this since pregnant while getting my bachelor’s degree. I went to school full time, worked so hard I graduated with honors and had a baby somewhere in between.

We also moved during this time, so when we moved in I didn’t have the time to unpack properly and settle in to our current home. The house is the largest we’ve ever owned and since my life was so busy, I just sort of “hoarded” stuff. Boxes, clothes, books, crap etc. ended up in closets, a spare room, the garage and just about any other place shit can hide.

Well I am long done with school and my baby is now a full fledged 4-year-old kid. I have been in the uncluttering mode for some time and read my daily emails from  unclutterer.com every day for great tips. So I finally am tackling my stuff. Unfortunately I am not the same over-achiever here and am challenged by decluttering and finding it difficult to decide what stays and what goes.

Then I fly with my friend, Debbie Orkin, who is a master declutterer.

“People always ask the same question when they come to our home, ‘Have you lived here long?’ because they think we just moved in – and we’ve lived there for six years!” Orkin says of her sparse and uncluttered home.

She says that whenever they buy something, at least two, ideally three, things have to go. Orkin says she always needs a project to work on so from time to time she’ll notice her husband’s shirts need replacing and she’ll go out, buy some new shirts and then promptly gets rid of all his other shirts.

Light bulb.

I’ll be her project! So¬†I told her I needed her help. She accepted, but said I better be ready to have her really throw stuff away.

I am, but I don’t know when I can get her over to my house. So I decided to text her and ask for daily purging instructions when my new “it” bag arrived from Cjour.com.

My groovy grey-green delectable Mona Lethal¬†Italian leather messenger bag by Tano is the bag I’ve been looking for all my life is perfect! I’ve been hoping to find a bag that can go and do all that I need it to do, from journalist to mom to traveler, this is it. And since I am paring down I knew it was time to say good-bye to some other bags and give “Mona” a shelf of her own.

Orkin delivered on her texted advice:

“…I hold on to designer purses – louis vuitton, coach, etc. I toss non designer crap. U will probably only carry your new purse now so toss the old ones…”

My response:

“Perfect advice… Would u consider Banana Republic a designer one?…”


“Nope-banana rep has to go!!”


I am now going to my closet to purge! I’m kinda excited about it too – even been texting with Orkin about it and it’s after midnight.

Think I’ve found a great new “class” with a great professor who will give assignments on decluttering via texts – now that’s using social media!

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So this is my new challenge, suggested to me by friend and photographer, Gidget Clayton.

Each week or month I come up with a theme, then ever day I post something, anything about it. I toyed with changing my blog name to 365 Days of BJW Post, so I could have a wide range of topics, but hey whatever, I’m blogging and that’s what I want to do.

My frist theme is going to be 365 Days of BJW Post.

So we’ll see what I come up with… kinda exciting and very liberating. Whew! I did it.

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I just interviewed Kimber Lanning, owner of Stinkweeds and founder of Local First Arizona, because my next article is about supporting local musicians and how doing so creates community involvement.

Interestingly enough, what I went in to ask about got shelved some when after talking to her, it became more a question of why don’t the people of Phoenix and the ‘burbs attend local musical events more.

I speculate it’s because we Phonecians and the like don’t know about such events and venues, Lanning thinks it’s because parenthood takes over.

Either way, there aren’t enough medium sized venues for said local talent to play. Places that new talent can sell about 300 to 500 seats.

So, I wonder…

“If they¬†build it, will we come?”

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