“He’s Living the Dream”

It’s Thursday, July 22 and as I sit on my balcony in Maui, Hawaii  watching the sun rise I wonder: What is my dream?

This came about because yesterday I had a gentleman on my flight that his seat mate said, “was living the dream.” The gentleman he was referring to was a soft-spoken, extremely well-mannered southerner that grew up in South Carolina but now lives on the island of Maui.

His soft, honey-dripped accent drew you in as much as his sparkling aqua eyes. His baby white hair and sun kissed skin gave him a boyishness that made me think of my own blue-eyed, blond little boy back home.

“South Carolina,” as I thought of him, knees bounced constantly as he picked at the hem of his madras shorts. South Carolina also talked “a lot” his seat mate said.

I think he was a nervous flyer.

This soft-spoken, tan, possible nervous flyer was also a surfer.

“He surfs all day and is a pharmacist at night,” his sate mate told me, “he’s living the dream.”

After more probing and conversation I found out that the seat mate also lives on Maui. He’s a promoter, DJ and radio manager for one of the stations on the island. I think it’s 91.7, but I cannot remember. Never-the-less, I told them they both were living the dream. That most of us want to just be able to live on one of the islands. They laughed and agreed. But, “Radio Man” as I have gone to calling him, and I both think South Carolina really is living the dream.

Which is why I’m sitting here this morning sipping my Kona coffee watching the sun rise over the ocean wondering: What is my dream really?

Am I living it and missing it because I’m too busy fighting my current state? Always questioning, “what should I be doing and why aren’t I doing it?”

Or, am I to busy searching for it, the “perfect” routine, that will allow me to make my life fall together and live my dream that I don’t even knowwhat my dream is?

I don’t know.

What I do know is this: I LOVE the life I’m living. I have a wonderful, generous husband (who is doing what he loves), a happy, healthy little boy, and the opportunity to sit here on this beautiful island sipping coffee waiting to surf.

But is it my dream? Am I living the dream and does it even matter?

I sip more coffee, lukewarm now, the sun is almost fully awake. My daily meditation book, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo sits on the table beside me and quietly calls my name.

The cup is empty when I set it down to pick up my book. I start my morning read and think after this, a little yoga and some Hang Ten time. Maybe there I might begin to find the stirrings of my dream.

What’s your dream? Are you living the dream? Or do you ever wonder if you too are missing it or if it even matters?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights, so please share.

Live the life you love,


4 thoughts on ““He’s Living the Dream”

  1. In short I believe that “living the dream” is a state of mind rather than a state of being… It is all about how you are perceiving your existence. At least that is my to cents.

    1. I think you are right Katie, but did you have a “dream” life? Like, “when I grow up I want to traipse around Himalayas or become a chef on an island” something like that? I think my dream life is to live on a beach, near great surfing and write novels that can support my family. As much as I love the life I am living, and maybe it is my dream life, I fantasize about the former. And if that is my dream life, what am I doing to make it happen or can I make it happen? Maybe, like you say, the dream life is about the perception one has of their own existence. Thanks for the comment.

  2. This is lovely musing, Barbara. Weird, but I am finally, for the very first time in my life totally living my dream (I think). I am working harder professionally (the unpaid kind of professionally) than I ever have. It feels almost as hard as when my children were babies. Fun/hard though, because I have the comfort of knowing I’m finally in the right place. Does that make sense? I wouldn’t have expected a dream life to be so stressful. But, I think when I find some new BALANCE, my dream life will be even more dreamy. That’s what I’m hoping anyway!


    1. Janet I like what you say about living your dream, even though you are working harder with less pay (or none at all). I think being happy where we are and in what we are doing goes a long way toward living the dream. I still struggle with what I “should” be doing versus what I “am” doing. I’m working on not “shoulding” on myself as much these days though. Maybe just being in the moment is the dream.


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